Value chain executive (Intern/Fresher)

This is a role where the core engagement is with an aggregator/processor/retailer/food-service business. The key responsibility in this role would be to have perform a critical function for the aggregator/processor/retailer/food-service with a good understanding of the critical review points along the entire value chain. You can be hired in this role by: 

  1. Agri-input companies (selling seeds, fertilisers, pesticides etc.)
  2. Agriculture co-operatives (FPOs) that are created to service farmers during the production stages 
  3. Contract aggregators/processors/retailers that are sourcing directly from farmers/co-operatives
  4. Agri-tech digital platforms and marketplace companies 
  5. Financial institutions and Insurance companies

This is a critical role for every food & agribusiness value chain. 

 The video below provides a good guideline for preparing for this role:  

For detailed interview and job execution preparatory support you can visit the below recommended course pages: