Certificate in Agribusiness Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurship with a Food Security/Agriculture Focus

The Certificate in Agribusiness Entrepreneurship teaches you the business model framework needed to build and run a profitable and sustainable business in the food security or agriculture industries. It is a management short course that focuses on understanding the key attributes shared by successful businesses in the sector.

What will you learn?

The course is delivered online with full support from Agribusiness Academy. You will work through 10 courses that focus on important topics such as profitability, sustainability, digital trends in agriculture, marketing, distribution value chains, and agribusiness finances. This certificate is the perfect introduction to the business model framework taught in the longer agribusiness programmes.

Are you new to Agribusiness or Agriculture?

The Certificate in Agribusiness Entrepreneurship is designed to empower new entrepreneurs and those with agribusiness ideas who aren’t sure how to launch or expand their business.

This course is perfect for you if you have no experience in agriculture/agribusiness and if you would like to know how businesses in the sector design their value proposition, how they develop partnerships, how they make a profit in difficult conditions, and many other important questions you must answer before you start your business.

Who is Agribusiness Academy?

Business School Netherlands and Agribusiness Academy have been working with each other for many years in providing quality and affordable agribusiness and food security-focused courses. Agribusiness Academy specialises in food trends, sustainability, distribution and value chains, agribusiness technologies, and entrepreneurship skills.

Further training is available from Agribusiness Academy once you have completed this course. For more information on Agribusiness Academy, please click here