Certificate in Agribusiness Entrepreneurship

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The certificate in Agribusiness Entrepreneurship aims to give you the skills and knowledge needed to build and run a profitable and sustainable business in the food security or agriculture industries. It is a management short course that focuses on business and leadership skills.

The Certificate in Agribusiness Entrepreneurship is delivered online over 12 weeks through self-paced learning.

The recommended learning time per week is 3 – 5 hours

The Certificate in Agribusiness Entrepreneurship covers 10 modules:
  1. Global Agribusiness And Food Sustainability Trends
  2. Changing The Game Of Food
  3. Business Model Design – Developing A Value Proposition
  4. Business Model Design – Developing A Distribution Strategy
  5. Food Chain Design Analysis
  6. Path To Profitability In Agribusiness
  7. Develop A Business Model For A Snack Manufacturer
  8. Agribusiness Finance
  9. Beyond Big Data – The Case Of Digital Agriculture
  10. The Dynamics Of Digital Agriculture
Start Dates
  • 25 August 2021
  • 27 October 2021
Programme Fees
  • $USD 299 once-off, or
  • $USD 110 x 3 months

For African applicants:

  • $USD 199 once-off, or
  • $USD 70 x 3 months