Aggla Champion

Aggla Marketplace
Facilitating a new and scalable distribution model for food processing businesses

Aggla is an early stage wholesale marketplace created for food processors to connect them with a network of buyers (resellers). To learn more about Aggla marketplace value proposition spend some time here:

Aggla partners with entrepreneurial talent who have a passion for food processing and have networks with food processing businesses in their market. In this role

  1. You would be expected to onboard food processing companies that are aligned with Aggla value proposition and are ready to benefit from it
  2. You should have the ability and interest to onboard local buyers (resellers) onto the platform

In every country Aggla will be represented by a select few network facilitators.

Selected Aggla Marketplace champions will receive a full scholarship for a Mini-MBA in Food and Agribusiness Leadership with IFAL. While on the Mini-MBA Aggla will discover the mutual alignment and get into a partnership (within a mutually agreeably operating and incentive structure) within 6-9 months period.

If you would like to have our feedback on your suitability for the position and would like to discuss the opportunity further please try and fill in this expression of interest application: Aggla Champion Application