Learning Objectives!

 This course deliver the following learning outcomes:

  1. Ability to understand the role of cash flows in the business
  2. Ability to ask the right questions while assessing the business viability
  3. Ability to understand the role of cash flow tool in assessing the business viability and in designing a right financial product
  4. Ability to understand the principles to build a cash flow tool

Course credits & references! 

This course and the upgrade assessment is powered by Agribusiness Academy. The knowledge and insights from the below published reference sources have been greatly used:

  1. Expert Lorna Grace presentations made for Agribusiness Academy
  2. Sarah K. Lowder et.al.  The Number, Size, and Distribution of Farms, Smallholder Farms, and Family Farms Worldwide: World Development Volume 87,  November 2016, Pages 16-29.
  3. Farmers Handbook of basic agriculture (Manage India knowledge base) 
  4. Banking Madagascar’s Small Farmers: ABM’s Cash Flow-Based Agricultural Credit Analysis Methodology

Paper written by: Friederike Moellers

A technology developed by: Joan Penche