Weed Prevention, Control and Eradication

Basic principles of weed control are

  • Prevention
  • Eradication
  • Control
  • Management

Control of Weed Prevention, Control and Eradication

Prevention: Prevent the entry and establishment of weeds into any uninfected area.

Important weed prevention practices are

  • Use clean crop seeds or weed free crop seeds.
  • Use well rotten/decomposed organic manure. Avoid adding weed seeds into the compost pit.
  • Prevent movement of weeds with farm machinery, irrigation channels and other resources.
  • Keep non crop area clean.
  • Follow quarantine regulation measures.

Eradication : This is complete removal of weed species, its live plant parts and seeds from an area. It may be a field/farm/ village/ geographical region depending upon the need. After eradication, weed will not reappear unless reintroduced to the area.

Control: In weed control methods, growth and infestation of weeds are severely restricted but not necessarily eliminated. The crop makes a normal yield.