Weed management in Field Crops and Horticultural Crops

Weed management is the application of certain principles and suitable methods that will improve the vigor and uniform stand of the crop. Weed management includes prevention, eradication and control by regulated use, restricting invasion, suppression of growth, prevention of seed production and complete destruction.

Types of Foliar Application

Blanket Application
Blanket application is the application of herbicides over the entire leaf area. Only selective herbicides are applied by this method.

Directed Application
Application of herbicides in between the crop rows directing towards weeds is known as directed spray or directed application. e.g. spraying of Glyphosate in between rows of tapioca using hood to control weed.

Spot Application
Herbicides solution is poured on weeds in cropped and uncropped fields infested with obnoxious weeds in isolated patches. This methods of application of heavy doses of herbicides on isolated patches is called spot application.

Protected Spraying
A method of applying non-selective herbicides on weeds by covering the crops which are wide spaced with polyethylene covers etc. This is expensive and laborious. However, farmers are using this technique for spraying glyphosate to control weeds in jasmine, cassava, banana.

Cut-Surface Application
The most difficult brush weeds or trees are cut to the ground surface, concentrated herbicides or paste of herbicides is applied to the stump or cut surface.

Foliar Herbicide Application