Manure and its benefits

Manures are plant and animal wastes which act as sources of plant nutrients. These substances release nutrients after decomposition. Organic manures are incorporated before the sowing or planting because of slow release of nutrients.

Examples: Farm Yard Manure (FYM), Compost from organic waste, Night soil, Sludge, Sewage, Sheep folding, Green manures, Oilcakes (edible, non-edible), Blood meal, Fish meal, Bone meal

Some beneficial effects of manures are as follows:

  • Organic manures bind the sandy soil and improve its water holding capacity
  • Open the clayey soil and help in aeration for better root growth
  • Add plant nutrients in small percentage
  • Add micro nutrients which are essential for plant growth
  • Increase the microbial activity which helps in releasing plant nutrients in usable form