Field Agronomist ( Intern/fresher) 

This is a technical extension/advisory role where the engagement is going to be with the farmers contributing to increasing the farmers productivity with the product/services of your employer. As an intern/starter you are excited about supporting the farmer through the production stage of their crop. You can be hired in this role by 

  1. Agri-input companies (selling seeds, fertilisers, pesticides etc.)
  2. Agri implement service companies & platforms ( tractors, harvesters, drones etc.)
  3. Agriculture co-operatives (FPOs) that are created to service farmers during the production stages 
  4. Contract aggregators/processors/retailers that are sourcing directly from farmers/co-operatives
  5. Agri-tech digital platforms focussed on enhancing the yield of the farmers 
  6. Financial institutions and Insurance companies (specifically offering value chain finance/insurance products)

This role is significant everywhere agriculture production is important. 

 The video below provides a good guideline for preparing for this role:  

For detailed interview and job execution preparatory support you can visit the below recommended course pages: