• Who can benefit from Digital school courses?
    • Students and graduates keen to get industry relevant knowledge and skills
    • Entrepreneurs and professionals that do not possess a sector understanding and background
    • Professionals keen to test their appetite for digital learning
  • How do your courses help the agriculture students of my education institute? 

    Prepares them better for the industry as the themes, learning content and assessments are designed and developed by industry subject matter experts

  • Can we use the digital school courses to support our corporate Learning & Development programs?

    Yes, as the themes, learning content and assessments are prepared by or in close collaboration with industry subject matter experts

  • How do I know if a course is valuable for me?
    • Review the course introduction
    • Review the open sample lessons 
    • If you have become curious and excited then go ahead a enroll
  • How do I enroll and get access to the full course learning, assessment and certificate of completion?

    You have to complete the payment of INR 299 for having access to the entire course, assessment and certificate of completion

  • Are the courses designed for the Indian audience only?

    No. Digital school courses have been embraced by more than 30,000 learners from 20+ countries. We have been using the learner feedback and perfecting the courses and model since 2020

  • Why do I have to pay?

    Because we believe our courses are valuable on your professional or entrepreneurial journey

  • The pricing is in INR (Indian currency). How can I pay in another currency?

    Our payment gateway (Stripe) accepts all currencies. Just that our base currency is INR as we are operating out of there

  • What do we get after paying for a digital school course?
    • Access to the complete learning 
    • Access to the assessment
    • A digital school course completion certificate after completing the assessment
  • How much time do I get to complete the course and assessment after I enroll?

    As long as you would need and like

  • Are digital school certificates recognized by employers as valid credentials?

    No. At least not yet. 

    Certificate is a demonstration of your (learners) understanding of the theme and the ability to apply the concepts

    We enable you to develop your profile and credentials like this one: https://dsofa.org/user/ifalvijayender/

  • What if I have a question related to a concept or an assessment question?

    Please write to us using the contact form. Our content team will be happy to respond.

  • What is the process of enrolling a group of learners from my business or education institution?
    • You select your courses
    • Tell us the number of learners
    • Request an invoice for appropriate amount and make the payment
    • After payment we shall take the details of your learners and finish up their enrollment to the appropriate courses
  • What is the process of requesting the design of a new course relevant for our learners?
    • For us to develop a new course we would need a fee commitment for a minimum of 500 learners 
    • If you have that learner base number and/or that budget reach out to us using the contact form 

    *Please note that the new course developed at your request would not be exclusive to your learners

  • Is there a digital school community/discussion forum?

    To keep up the affordability we have not built community components into the digital school but our partner schools such as Institute of Food and Agribusiness Leadership are community driven. When you have built up your credentials here at digital school we shall reach out to you with options. 

  • How do I enroll a group or a team into your courses?
    • We recommend you to offer the enrollment fee to your members and suggest they enroll for the courses and demonstrate the proof of completion 
    • If your company policy does not permit it then reach out to us using the contact form. [Please indicate: Courses of interest, # of licenses for each course and any specific course level requests you may have]
  • Where is your school based?

    We are registered in India but we are a digital school so we do not operate out of a fixed physical premises

  • What options do I have after I finish my study with digital school?

    Our team will reach out to you when you have finished 8-10 courses from the digital school offering to recommend our partner programs. Alternatively, you are welcome to reach out to us using the contact form

  • Should I have any other questions?

    You may. But the best way to have relevant questions is to experience a course and an assessment. We value the questions of our learners more!

  • How do i reach if i have any requests (other courses etc.)

    Try using our contact form. If we can help we shall respond