• Who can benefit from Digital school opportunities and courses?
    • Students and graduates about to start their career 
    • Professionals keen to advance their career 
    • Entrepreneurs and professionals that are new to the sector
  • What are the benefits of the Digital School Platform?

    The users/members on the platform can:

    1. Access internship, career and continuing education opportunities  
    2. Create their digital professional profile (for free) in less than 5 mins.  Employers can check to confirm courses you have completed with certification on the digital school platform.
    3. Access courses offering job role learning, assessment & certification to increase your chances with opportunities (for a fee)
  • What opportunities will be listed on the digital school platform?
    • Internships 
    • Graduate & early professional jobs
    • Jobs for growth stage professionals
    • Partnership opportunities for entrepreneurs
    • Further Education opportunities
    • Other opportunities that have longer-term value for the digital school learners/member
  • Where can I access the opportunities?

    You will be able to access the opportunities here: https://dsofa.org/opportunities/

  • Where can I access the job-readiness preparation support?

    You will be able to access it through specific opportunities from here: https://dsofa.org/opportunities/


    you can access it through the job-readiness posts: https://dsofa.org/job-readiness/

  • How do I assess my readiness for further education opportunities?

    You can assess further education readiness assessment support here: https://dsofa.org/category/education-readiness/

  • Can I have an example of the digital professional profile on this platform? 

    Here is an example of how your digital school profile can look: https://dsofa.org/user/ifalvijayender/

  • How are the opportunities listed on the digital school platform different?
    • Digital School team works relentlessly to research and list the opportunities relevant for our platform members/learners
    • We provide a list of job role specific questions that can help you prepare well and build confidence to apply and pursue the opportunity
    • We provide a short list of digital school courses that can help the members/learners in preparation and confidence building to pursue the job role
  • Whom to reach out to if I face a challenge with specific opportunities listed on the platform?

    The Digital School team is working relentlessly to list the best opportunities in the sector on the platform. Nevertheless, we expect opportunity seekers to use their own discretion and research before pursuing any opportunity.

  • How do your courses help the agriculture students of my education institute?

    Provides them access to the job roles (opportunities) and guides them to the courses that can help in their preparation for the roles.

  • Can we use the digital school courses to support our corporate Learning & Development programs?

    Yes, as the themes, learning content and assessments are designed around job roles specific to your talent can execute better.

  • For which country learners is digital school relevant?

    Digital school courses have been developed around job roles and the questions that are relevant in agriculture value chains in every country. These courses have been perfected by delivering more than a 1.000.000 lessons to learners in 30+ countries.

  • Why do I have to pay for the courses?

    The courses have been developed for delivering better career and business outcomes for our learners. We would like you to pay and access the value of our innovation.

  • The pricing is in USD. How can I pay in another currency?

    Our payment gateway (Stripe) should accept all currency cards.

  • What do we get after paying for a digital school course?
    • Access to the complete course learning
    • Access to the assessment
    • A digital school course completion certificate after the assessment

  • How much time do I get to complete the course and assessment after I enroll?

    As long as you would need and like. Access to the platform and the course do not have an expiry date.

  • Does enrolling for digital school courses 100% guarantee the job?

    Our job role specific courses can increase your preparation and chances for a specific job-role or an opportunity. Digital school holds no responsibility in 100% guaranteeing the job for any member other than providing relevant information (Digital profile, Course completion data) to the opportunity providers.

  • What is the process of enrolling a group of learners from my business or education institution? 
    • You select your courses
    • Tell us the number of learners
    • Request an invoice for appropriate amount and make the payment
    • After payment we shall take the details of your learners and finish up their enrollment to the appropriate courses
  • Where is your school based? 

    We are registered in the UK (United Kingdom) but work with local partners in several countries. Currently, we have our local/regional partners in the UK, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Francophone Africa, Malawi and the MENA region.

  • What options do I have after I finish my study with digital school? 

    You may want to access and review our education readiness posts: https://dsofa.org/category/education-readiness/

  • What if I have a question related to a concept or an assessment question?

    Please write to us using the contact form. Our content team will be happy to respond.