Digital Mini-MBA Program readiness (for experienced professionals) 

A significant number of students struggle to complete the higher/executive education programs they enroll for. Several others struggle to realise the outcomes they expected out of the education programs. In both instances the learner/student loses significant time and monetary resources. Primary reasons for poor outcomes with education enrollments for professionals/entrepreneurs are:

  1. Inability to formulate their knowledge and network needs to for their current job/business outcomes 
  2. Inability to formulate their knowledge and network for their future roles/projects/business
  3. Lack of support to enable them ask the right questions around assessing the value of the program for their context
  4. Lack of real learning experience of the model prior to the enrollment

Digital School of Food & Agriculture “Education Readiness Posts” are designed to help students and professionals/entrepreneurs assess the relevance of a specific program type for their context.If you are an experienced professional within the food & agribusiness sector and  considering the Mini-MBA these would be program readiness assessment questions: 

  1. I am keen to understand the industry developments within the sector 
  2. I am keen to develop on my understanding of the business elements of the sector and approach to developing the business models 
  3. I am in need of the professional development course to change/advance my career 
  4. I have a good understanding of what i need to learn to be able to get to the right career/business outcome
  5. I am very confident that the digital learning model will work for me 

If you have said yes to all the above questions then possibly are ready for the Digital Mini-MBA else we recommend you to follow these digital school courses and get certified (upto 5 courses based on the area of your business/career interest) before you consider your enrollments:

  1. Food and agribusiness industry trends and developments (Mandatory)
  2. Agriculture Business Models (Mandatory)
  3. Introduction to agri finance
  4. Food distribution systems 
  5. Digital innovations in agriculture extension
  6. Introduction to alternative foods 
  7. Basics of precision agriculture
  8. Organic and Regenerative agriculture

Currently, we have the following Mini-MBA programs offered by the Institute of Food and agribusiness leadership: