Cash Flow Financing in Agribusiness

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Most often agriculture businesses (especially smallholder farmers and young farmers) struggle to finance their production operations. While complex nature of the agriculture production and the associated risks contribute to these challenges, lack of proper financial & cash flow estimates makes it almost impossible to access formal sources of financing.  Most often the agriculture businesses lack understanding and appropriate tools to provide their potential financiers confidence in their ability to repay. Because of this gap these businesses almost always borrow non-optimal amounts and possibly in wrong timings.  

“Cash Flow Financing” is one of the most effective ways for these agricultural businesses to get the borrowing & repayment amounts and timing right. 

The objective of the course is to help agricultural businesses get ready for cash-flow financing. 

This course helps you :

  • Understand the financing challenges for majority of agriculture businesses
  • Approach to assessing your business readiness for financing
  • The effectiveness of cash flow financing & cash-flow tool in  funding these businesses
  • Principles for building a cashflow tool
  • How to use cash-flow tool for a specific agriculture operations and get ready for financing 

While the principles discussed in this  course is relevant for every business connected to the agriculture value chain this is specifically developed in the context of smallholder and starter farmers that are running agricultural operations. Also, advisors to these operations would also find significant value

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