Agriculture Business Models

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By the end of this course you would be able to understand how to design and execute a business model in agribusiness.

The core purpose of every business should be to create value and make a profit out of such value creation.

Agriculture businesses would be no different. So for an agriculture business to make a profit it should be able to create, deliver and capture value.

The approach an agriculture business takes to create, deliver and capture value is called a business model.

The objective of this course is to help you master the framework and insights to building a profitable business model in agribusiness.

Specifically, this course helps you understand:

  1. Formal business structures suitable for different agricultural value creation operations (for-profit private operations, cooperative structure and social enterprises)
  2. The approach to designing the four key business model components (differentiated value proposition, distribution channel aligned with the value proposition, committed chain partnerships and sustainability elements)
  3. The difference between a business model and a business plan

To strengthen the learning a real life agriculture operations case background would be used throughout the course and contextual business examples from around the world would be provided as appropriate.

Within this course we will limit the scope of developing business models for-profit agricultural businesses.

As a current or aspiring professional/entrepreneur operating in agriculture or any part of the agribusiness value chain you would be able to develop an understanding of business model framework, pick up value insights and apply them to your context.