Transitioning to regenerative agriculture – Business Model Approach

Enhancing soil health and biodiversity is critical for ensuring food security for future generations. Transitioning towards more sustainable agricultural practices like organic or regenerative agriculture seems to be the most viable solution that can make it possible. On the other hand, chemical-based agriculture, which is predominantly practiced across the globe has its own disadvantages – …

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Financing the smallholder farmers

The majority of the food production in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa is taken up by Smallholder farmers. Smallholder productivity and profitability are critical in ensuring global food security, especially in emerging countries.  Timely access to finance plays an important role in improving the productivity of smallholder farmers. But most of the time, their financial needs …

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New Consumer Trends for 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic, closing people off from their usual activities and habits, evidently created significant sudden changes in how people shop, eat, and live. However, some of these changes are more than immediate responses to safety restrictions; they signal attitudes and preferences that will lead consumption in 2021 and likely continue to shape the food …

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