Digital School of Food and Agriculture Launches Free Education App

Earlier this week, Digital School of Food and Agriculture launched a free mobile app focussed on delivering high quality education for the Food & Agriculture sector. All courses have been developed alongside industry experts and are delivered completely free to anyone who downloads the app. With this move, the School moves closer towards its goal of widening access to sector specific skills and knowledge.

With one in three people in the global workforce working in the agriculture value chain[1], a growing global population to feed and unprecedented times for every workforce during the current pandemic, Digital School of Food and Agriculture has launched the app to #KeepTheWorldLearning. Anyone in the sector is free to download the app and start learning without any registration required.

Courses already available on the app include ‘Urban Agriculture’, ‘Agtech’, ‘Agri Finance’ and ‘Organic Agriculture’ and the school promises to deliver more lessons and courses every week. Through the app, learners can also choose to save lessons for quick reference or share them with their network.

As the experience has been designed specifically for mobile screens, the lessons are short and easy-to-read. Learners can swipe on the lesson to progress and are presented with videos, audio and GIFs along the way to keep them engaged and vary the experience.

“Our goal has always been to open up access and affordability of education, but with the pandemic taking hold just before launch it made our mission seem even more critical,” said Tom Chant, Dean of Digital School of Food and Agriculture. “We welcomed 100 learners in the first 24 hours and we’re trying to reach as many people as possible to ensure the world can keep learning no matter what is taking place around us.”

For learners looking to boost their career as well as their personal development, certificate upgrades are also available for a small fee, where learners can take a test and earn a certificate for their CV or resume. The School has also reduced all certificate prices as a response to the pandemic – learners can access a certificate for just US$10.

“Digital School of Food and Agriculture is pushing the boundaries in terms of access and the way people learn,” said Dr Vijayender Nalla, co-founder of Agribusiness Academy, who has supplied learning content as part of the #KeepTheWorldLearning campaign. “The School will have a huge impact if it can get to the screens of the people who can put the lessons into action.”

The School will continue to expand its course catalogue based around the latest practices in agriculture, sustainability and consumer trends to ensure learners are best equipped to have a positive impact on the planet.

Learners can find out more at or by searching ‘Digital School Of Food and Agriculture’ on Google Play Store. 


Notes to editors:

Digital School of Food and Agriculture was launched in 2020 as a mobile-first educator, aiming to serve the next generation of food and agriculture talent on their primary device.

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[1] Source: FAO